Peperika Coin


The Most Aromatic and Tastiest Coin Out There


$Peperika is a meme coin, sauce me is a house hold name. In fact, as much as we love baby back ribs, we’ll love them even more when Chili’s 🌶 restaurants accepts $Peperika as payment.

Can a community dream?
Our sauce is so succulent it’ll probably be on the shelves of walmart and your local market ready to pour!

$Peperika is built on binance smart chain the #1 blockchain in crypto!
$Peperika takes a fun and secular approach to the crypto world. No matter your country flag food is an international language we all speak and brings us together!
Smell That?The savory spicy sweet future of $Peperika!

With liquidity burned and a renounced contract $Peperika acknowledges that its success depends on the support and participation of its community members. Subscribe to our social links below so your in tune with the latest giveaways and updates!

So, If you’re seeking a coin that takes its community serious and brings a touch of spicy to your crypto experience, look no further than $Peperika. It’s the perfect antidote for good blood circulation if you know what I mean🌶

How to buy me

Step 1: Get a Wallet
First, you need to have a compatible binance smart chain wallet to hold your $Peperika coins. We recommend using either MetaMask or Trust Wallet, both of which are easy to use and secure.

Step 2: Buy Binance Smart Chain (Bep20)
To buy $Peperika, you will need to have some bnb (bep20) in your wallet. You can buy bnb (bep20) on any major cryptocurrency exchange, binance, kucoin.

Step 3: Add $Peperika to Your Wallet
Once you have bnb in your wallet, you can then use a decentralized exchange (DEX) like pancakeswap to swap your bnb for $Peperika coins. Simply enter the amount of bnb you want to swap and confirm the transaction.

Step 4: HODL if you can take the sweet heat!
Now that you have $Peperika coins in your wallet, all that’s left to do is HODL and wait for $Peperiika to become hotter.


  • Total Supply 5,555 $Peperika Coins.

    Not Enough? Well buy some more hot head!

  • Transaction Fee 10%.

  • 1% OLS

  • 2% Reflections

  • 2% Liquidity

  • 4% to Marketing!

Safety & Security


Road Map

Milestone 1

- Coin Launch
- Premium Listings
- Unleash $Peperikas fiery on social media
- 1k holders

Milestone 2

- Brand Partnerships
- Press Releases
- Coin Gecko & Coin Market Cap Listing
- Peperika Sauce

Milestone 3

- CEX Listings
- Maybe Chili's Endorsement
- 10k Holders
- Online Stores & Food Discovery

Peperika coin has no formal connection whatsoever with Chilis restaurants or Matt Furie we decided to put matters on our own plates. Now millions of people are going to buy the useless $Peperika just because one day it can be more useful than sweet baby rays!

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